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Being locked out of your home or business never comes at the right time, we understand that getting back into your home or business quickly and promptly without damaging anything is essential. When a locksmith arrives on site to a lock out, they should always first of all start by investing other ways to potentially get back into the property with damaging either the lock or the door. Gaining entry to a property without damaging anything is called ‘non-destructive entry’.


Gaining entry non-destructively safes the customer money on having to replace locks, door frames or anything else.


When it comes to gaining entry to a locked door there are a number of different methods one can use depending on the type of lock that is installed in the door. For example, yale locks can be opened quite easily using picking tools and bump keys. Night latches usually need a bit of manual persuasion where as with mortise locks there is a little more skill and expertise involved.


The first thing to take heed when we’re talking about locks is that there is not a one-size fits all solution. Locking systems and mechanisms can be very complicated with many different sizes, types and brands which all take various methods of entry to get success.


Mortice locks are the most difficult locks to gain entry to and if any lock needs drilling, it would be one of these. With this said, if Lockswood every had to drill anything, we would leave it looking better than when we arrived!


For those who are in a pickle and require the services of an emergency locksmith to gain entry, it’s always worth checking to see if they offer a non-destructive method of entry which will in turn save you money. You can do this by either asking them, checking their website or look at their reviews online to see what other customers are saying about them. You can usually tell a rogue locksmith from a mile off if you do your research!

If you are locked out and require our non-destructive gain entry services then contact Lockswood today on 07805121782 or 01273 208 30446

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