It is believed that in the UK a burglary is committed every 40 Seconds, with burglaries on the rise, the fear across the UK is that homeowners aren’t putting enough care and attention into protecting their homes from potential break-ins.

Most Burglaries Happen During The Day

Often when you imagine a burglary, you picture someone sneaking around in the dead of night. In actual fact most burglaries happen between the hours of 10:00am – 3:00pm so caution is advised throughout the day as well. Burglaries are more common during the day as this is when most people are out working meaning there will be less chance of a burglar being seen or disturbed.

Burglars Rarely Take Household Objects

In this day and age, it is not often that a burglar will break into a house and steel household items such as TV’s and sound systems. Instead, they are looking for much smaller but much higher value items such as ID, bank cards and car keys. It is more valuable for a burglar to take documents, passports, laptops and bank cards so that the personal information can be stolen and used to buy items online and even get credit, than it is to take tv’s and other such items. With this said it is worth keeping valuables such as jewellery stored safely out of sight.

Most Burglars Don’t Carry Tools

Burglars are opportunists and will often look for houses that they feel they can easily get into. Burglars tend not to carry tools as they want to go about unnoticed and get a quick getaway without drawing any attention to themselves. Instead, they will look for tools and equipment near your home such as gardening equipment. This is why it is important to always keep tools and gardening equipment security locked away in a garage or shed.

There Is No Prior Planning Involved in 47% Of Burglaries

When asked most convicted burglars revealed that most of their burglaries were committed when they spotted an opportunity with no prior planning. This is why it is important to have high security measures implemented such as high security locks, alarms and CCTV to help deter burglars for your property, as they won’t see it as an easy target as they are walking past.

Most Burglars Are Committed By People Living Close By

This is a scary thought, but in most burglaries the offender lived within two miles of their targeted property. It is great having neighbours you can trust, however you need to be careful of who may be watching and learning your daily routine. You can reduce risk by varying your routine as much as possible so that your movements aren’t as predictable and there is no clear time that you home will be empty and for how long. It also helps to keep information about trips and holidays you are taking as quite as possible until after you have been.

Someone Is Home When around 28% Of Burglaries Happen

You may think that if someone is always occupying your home then you are less likely to get burgled, however, 3 in every 10 burglaries homeowners or tenants are in the property when the burglary takes place. It will help to keep doors and windows locked even when you are in the house as burglars will often try a door to see if it is open and simply walk right in!

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